Betrothed- Christmas 2016

December 29, 2016

Sermon for Christmas Eve, 2016, by Fr. Matt Mirabile for Trinity Anglican Church, Rochester, NH

We have been betrothed to God in Mary and God has united Himself to mankind in the flesh of His Son, Jesus.  God loves mankind and betrothed us to Himself and this betrothal is consummated when we respond in love to Him and finally at the Marriage supper of the Lamb at the end of the age. 

The Greatest Commandment: The Divine Therapy

October 12, 2016

Sermon for the 18th Sunday after Trinity by Fr. Mirabile.  The Greatest Commandment: The Divine Therapy - This sermon explores how the Great Commandment is a therapy for the dis-integrated spiritual nature of mankind.

The Man with Dropsy

October 12, 2016

Sermon for the 17th Sunday after Trinity.  Dropsy as a metaphor for the wounded soul.  (adjust for poor sound quality)

The Good Samaritan and the Inn of Recovery

October 12, 2016

Sermon for the 13th Sunday if Trinity by Fr. Mirabile. This explores the familiar passage of the Good Samaritan from a different perspective. Reading the story in a mystical way, as the early church Fathers did, through the lens of the gospel, we see that the good Samaritan is Jesus himself.  

The good side of being “religious”

September 10, 2016

Sermon for Sunday, August 14th, the 12th Sunday in Trinity by Fr. Matthew Mirabile. 

"What is “religion”?  it is a system of beliefs whose practicesbind their adherents to that believe system. Clearly, Protestant or Catholic, there are practices that bind us to ourfaith.  The issue is not whether Godsanctions practices or not, but about whether they undergird and strengthen thefaith and do so in ways that are theologically correct, producing “rightFaith”."

Tradition, Tools and Treasures of the catholic faith

September 10, 2016

Sermon for the 11th Sunday of Trinity, August 7th 2016 by Fr. Matthew Mirabile.  This sermon discusses and contrasts modern "evangelical style worship with the ancient Eucharist focuses liturgies of the church.  "This is in sharp contrast to modern modes of “worship” that reduce the sacraments to meaningless signs and elevate music and preaching to something like sacraments.  The problem with this is that while they may communicate grace, they also are designed to elevate the emotions. By doing so they make the seat of the emotions, the earthly soul, the locus of induced grace.  The true grace of God, what are called the “uncreated energies” of God, come directly from him. They infuse the soul and may do so even without a sense of elation. Modern worship, by chasing a feeling of emotional elation, in fact manufactures religious feeling. Indeed, from a neuro-biological perspective, it may in some cases be flooding the brain with dopamine or other “feel good”neuro-transmitters, hijacking the religious experience and duping the person into thinking that they are having a religious experience." 

What Makes for Peace - 10th Sunday in Trinity

August 1, 2016

Sermon by Fr. Matt Mirabile at Trinity Anglican Church for the 10th Sunday of Trinity: "What makes for peace".  In this short but powerful message Fr. Mirabile talks about the peace or "Well-being" Jesus speaks of when lamenting over Jerusalem. 

 "What makes for this peace?  This Shalom?  This salvation? It is so much more than praying a “sinners prayer” or making your confirmation. These things are only but a beginning. In a gentile time when all the world around us seemed to share judeo-christian values and each man was assured a pension this fruit was easy to come by (though hard to keep).  It is no longer so. Now we must rise to new heights, as Solzhenitsyn warned us. We must rise to new heights by reclaiming the ethos of the catholic faith and all that comes with it. We must mine it for the salvation of our souls and that of our children and grandchildren.

You are not apt to find it in the temples of Therapeutic Moral Deism – those pseudo-christian churches that rob you of the cross and it’s glory, selling you experiences for authenticity and amusement for sacrifice. Pandering to simple desires like personal enjoyment and convenience when Christ would bid you to take up the chalice of His blood sweated in the garden of Gethsemane and spilled on the ground in Golgotha – and Mosul Iraq and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray." 

Everything I have is Thine - 9th Sunday in Trinity

August 1, 2016

Sermon by Fr. Mirabile at Trinity Anglican Church for the 9th Sunday of Trinity: "Everything I have is Thine". This sermon examines our place (Trinity Anglican Church) within the religious context of the area and is the beginning of an "apologetic" for the catholic faith as preserved in the Anglican Tradition as we have received it. Fr. Mirabile introduces the term "Therapeutic Moral Deism" to describe some expressions of christianity and pseudo-christian churches. The sermon also shares some of Fr. Matt's own journey through evangelicalism and the charismatic movement to the historic Faith of the Apostles.

8th Sunday in Trinity - Out of the Eater Something Sweet

July 28, 2016

Sermon by Fr. Matthew Mirabile for the 8th Sunday in Trinity - Out of the Eater Something Sweet. This message explores the the riddle of Samson (Out of the eater something to eat and out of the strong something sweet) in the light of the  gospel reading Mt 7:15-20 - "you know a tree by it's fruit".  While many people pass by what they think is the "carcass" of the church we need to be like bees making honey enjoyed and shared by others. If the tree is good the fruit will be good also.

The Bread of Life - Trinity 7

July 19, 2016

Sermon from Sunday, July 10 2016. For the 7th Sunday in Trinity. by Fr. Matthew Mirabile - How the feeding of the four thousand and the bread distributed represents us - through Christ we are that bread to given to feed the world.